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Fil-Am Cinema Moments

by Lewis Manalo

It’s Filipino-America History Month! Seriously!

To celebrate this month of Fil-Am appreciation, we offer you three great Fil-Am movie moments.

1. In the classic bar scene from Out for Justice, skip to 4:20, and see Dan Inosanto in a bad hairpiece.

2. In case you didn’t get the Special Edition DVD of Step Up 2: the Streets, here’s ABDC Season 1 winners JabbaWockeeZ in a deleted scene:

3. And of course, RUFIOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!



DVD: She Likes It Hard

by Lewis Manalo

If you meet the title character of Hard Revenge Milly, don’t make her angry. She has a retractable sword in her arm, and she replaced one of her femurs with a shotgun. So you wouldn’t like her angry. And don’t slaughter her family. That really pisses her off.

On DVD today.


Cinema Crush

by Lewis Manalo

B-Girls in the hizzy.

My girl Jeeja Yanin‘s got mad skills. If you haven’t seen her in Chocolate, do yourself a favor and get on that.

Freak of the Week: Raw Talent

by Lewis Manalo

Let me tell you, for a porn legend, Ron Jeremy‘s great to work with.  Okay, well, maybe we here at Split Edit haven’t really worked with him, but we have been in one of his movies.  For true.   And no, we’re not ashamed of ourselves.

Check out Ron’s lesser known skills has he battles Jerry Butler in the adult classic Raw Talent.

(Moderately safe for work?)

So That’s Why He Got Fat. . .

by Lewis Manalo

This is, like, real? As in, more real than The Bachelor?

Who knew these things about Steven Seagal.