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1,001 Words: Horrors of Malformed Men



A Fear Too Beautiful To Resist!

by Tony Nigro

Nobuhiko Obayashi’s Hausu is my favorite cult film that I’ve never seen.  Recently, the indispensable Janus Films has been touring it theatrically and I’ve managed to miss every L.A. screening.  I can only hope the tour means a Criterion DVD or Blu-Ray release is imminent.  The newly subtitled trailer Janus posted today only reinforces that hope.

“HOUSE IS CALLING TO YOU COME BACK HOME AND MARRY ME.”  Enough said.  You had me at the disembodied fingers playing piano.

Be sure to also check out Midnight Eye’s recent feature on Obayashi, and one of his early, rather avant-garde short films.

1,002 Words: Ringu

Ringu (1998)

Lookie here.

‘The Shock Labyrinth’ Gets Int’l Distribution, Trailer Features Long-Haired Japanese Wraith

The only things we understand about this trailer for Takashi Shimizu‘s The Shock Labyrinth are “3D” and “Japanese girl with scary long locks.”  But it looks cool…

As reported yesterday by Horror Squad, The Shock Labyrinth has garnered international distribution.  Hopefully that and some well used 3D will resuscitate J-Horror and end Shimizu’s U.S. status as “that Grudge guy.”  That said, if the movie is anything like Marebito, we’re going to be pissed.