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We’ve Been Busy…

by Lewis Manalo

We appreciate all of you who’ve followed Split Edit in the past, and we just wanted to let you know that we haven’t been lazy with writing articles. We’ve just been busy with other things.

One of these things is the Slice Girls: Fight Test, a sample scene that we shot for the development for Slice Girls, a horror-action film about a handful of teenage girls who have to fight off an undead ninja attack.

We wanted to explore the possibilities of the style we intend to use for the fight scenes, looking for ways in which choreography can entertain as it tells our story and depicts our characters.

The fighting here will be used in the scene that introduces the main characters.

Thanks for watching, and please share our Fight Test with your friends.  For more info, check www.princessrevolver.com.

Maria Alegre
Jessica Frey

Tony Nigro

Director & Choreographer
Lewis Manalo


1,001 Words: Horrors of Malformed Men


1,001 Words: Suspiria

Suspiria (1977)


Zombie 101 & Video Criticism

by Tony Nigro

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A brilliantly realized zombie primer by Matt Zoller Seitz that astutely included George Romero’s The Crazies as a bridge to 28 Days Later and what he dubs “zombie-by-proxy” stories.

Along with Kevin Lee, Seitz is taking online film criticism in the right direction, using online video to elevate criticism above the print vs. blog roadblocks that have become all too commonplace.  (Another tremendous video entry by Seitz is the “Evolution of the Modern Blockbuster” series at The L Magazine.)

Here are some of my older (and less effective) entries on zombie film criticism:

1,003 Words: Carrie

Carrie (1976)

School’s out forever.

Deep Red & The Uncanny Argento

by Tony Nigro

There’s something about Italian genre films of the 1960s and ’70s that aren’t quite right. They appear to be cobbled together all too quickly for the basest international markets. They’re corny. They’re derivative. They often don’t make sense or, even worse, almost make sense. Their post-synch dialogue is unnerving and poorly mixed. Yet these films do have their occasionally spectacular visual displays, and so film nerds everywhere find joy in them.

Admittedly, I am one of those nerds.

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Freak of the Week: 666

by Tony Nigro

Via VICE via Boing Boing, the first Nollywood horror flick that I really need to see but probably don’t have the stamina to finish.  Produced by a pastor and replete with all sorts of “special effects” (as in “special education”), 666 promises a lot by offering very little.  The trailer reminds me of a cross between the Troma-distributed Fatty Drives the Bus and a mondo psychotronic Elvis-meets-Frankenstein piece of crap I dug out of the back of Jerry’s Video Rerun in the ’90s.