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We’ve Been Busy…

by Lewis Manalo

We appreciate all of you who’ve followed Split Edit in the past, and we just wanted to let you know that we haven’t been lazy with writing articles. We’ve just been busy with other things.

One of these things is the Slice Girls: Fight Test, a sample scene that we shot for the development for Slice Girls, a horror-action film about a handful of teenage girls who have to fight off an undead ninja attack.

We wanted to explore the possibilities of the style we intend to use for the fight scenes, looking for ways in which choreography can entertain as it tells our story and depicts our characters.

The fighting here will be used in the scene that introduces the main characters.

Thanks for watching, and please share our Fight Test with your friends.  For more info, check www.princessrevolver.com.

Maria Alegre
Jessica Frey

Tony Nigro

Director & Choreographer
Lewis Manalo


DVD: She Likes It Hard

by Lewis Manalo

If you meet the title character of Hard Revenge Milly, don’t make her angry. She has a retractable sword in her arm, and she replaced one of her femurs with a shotgun. So you wouldn’t like her angry. And don’t slaughter her family. That really pisses her off.

On DVD today.


Kicking Ass With the Stars

by Lewis Manalo

No, I don’t usually watch tv shows where well-known personalities (c’mon, they aren’t all celebrities, are they?) make asses of themselves eating bugs or dancing or whatever torture they put themselves through for audience attention, but they report this stuff on the news, so I find these things out despite myself.  Not only does the new Dancing With the Stars line-up include former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, but also the ass-kicking actor Mark Dacascos.

For the plebians who only know Dacascos as the Chairman of Iron Chef America, make some space in your Netflix queue for Brotherhood of the Wolf for art house action and Drive for freakin’ awesomeness.  Drive co-stars your best friends Kadeem Hardison and Brittany Murphy. (And yes, you old farts, that was him in 1994’s Double Dragon)

From Drive:

Don’t Miss This Flick – If You Can Find It

by Lewis Manalo

The Queens of Langkasuka

Not having heard of it before, I found this gem at my local Chinatown DVD shop under the title Pirate Fight. It wasn’t a great risk at $9.95, but my gamble paid off. The Queens of Langkasuka is a period fantasy film set a legendary Southeast Asian kingdom. The queens of the title are trying to fight off invaders, coming from all sides and who’ve aligned themselves with freakin’ pirates. (Those damn pirates!) And there’s some ocean wizardry and ninjas and samurai and canon warfare thrown in for the heck of it.

The production design is lush as all hell, and the story unfolds with all the sprawl that you’d expect from an epic. I’m talking literature, yo. Like Homer, dude. Like, Manas. That kind of sprawl may not be for the plebeians who think every film needs to follow Joseph Campbell’s hero cycle, but if you have any concept of the ring structures of ancient classics, you’ll be stoked that there’s a film that feels like it instinctually stumbles into them.

Those of you Thai film fans who’ve seen Born to Fight and Ong Bak 2 will recognize Dan Chupong, who dazzles in a supporting part as a kris-swinging Langkasukan soldier. He fights ninjas. For those of you who don’t follow Thai action, this is a great place to start – if you can find a copy of the film. I don’t advocate bootlegs or nothing, but if you don’t have a Chinatown close by, I wish you the best of luck.

District 9: The Cliff Notes

For those of us who are agoraphobic and/or broke and won’t go to the movie theater for District 9, Neill Blomkamp’s short Alive in Joburg is kind of the crib notes of the feature film. And it’s pretty freakin’ cool.