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Week in Review 10.09.09


No one in the cinephile community lambasted us for last Friday’s Polanski potshot, which leads us to believe that no one reads this site.  Or maybe no one reads us because of it.  Either way, this week we read some pretty good stuff ourselves:


Week in Review 10.02.09

Let’s see, what big cinephile news was there this week?  Something… Oh, yeah, Roman Polanski.  And Roman Polanski.  And then some.  We’re avoiding this debate as much as possible because there’s not much else to say about it.  (And last we checked, when you plead guilty to a crime and flee the country before sentencing, you’re breaking a law.)  Read or watch something interesting to avoid all that nonsense:

Week in Review 08.28.09

To us, the biggest story this week by a long shot was LACMA’s announcement that its long-standing weekend film program will live on. Big ups to the big donors and to the grassroots effort that helped fuel this victory.  Of course, now all you Angelenos have to attend the series or else you’re a bunch of damn hypocrites.

Week in Review 08.21.09

Roger Ebert

Nothing makes our day like a beef between film critics, except maybe a beef between fanboys and film critics.  Fortunately for us, Armond White recently inspired both.  The showdown over District 9, a.k.a. White v. Fanboys v. Ebert v. Rotten Tomatoes, was a saga that laid bare White’s absurdly contrary nature, the lack of critical thought in fanboys, and the ludicrous bean counting of Rotten Tomatoes.  Mr. Ebert was unfortunately caught in the crossfire with his pants down.  Below are some of our favorite links from that saga:

Just for fun, also be sure to check out What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Movies, an older piece wherein White thumbs his nose at critics who think with their, uh, thumbs.

Week in Review 08.14.09

There was less time for reading this week because, if you must know, Lewis is writing a new novel and Tony is looking for a job.  (Which are kind of like the same thing, no?)  Still, some good stuff out there…

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, please sign the online petition to save the film program at LACMA.

Week in Review 08.07.09

budd_schulbergJohn Hughes

Big news this week included the tragic passings of Budd Schulberg and John Hughes, titans of very different generations, as well as the exciting announcement of A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips as the new hosts of TV’s At the Movies.

Week in Review 07.31.09

The best cinephile news of the week came via Twitter, when blogger extraordinaire David Hudson resurfaced, transposing his indispensable Daily format to Twitter via @theauteurs.  Now we don’t have try so hard to keep up because Mr. Hudson will do all the work for us!