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Freak of the Week: Herzog Saves Phoenix

by Tony Nigro

If you haven’t already heard, Werner Herzog saved Joaquin Phoenix from a car accident.  Below is a reenactment.

Via Laughing Squid, where you can also see the interview that spawned the animation.  Did I mention David Lynch was involved?


Freak of the Week: Sharktopus

by Tony Nigro

Full disclosure: I work on a show that airs on SyFy.  But I had no idea that in addition to airing shows about quirky small towns, super secret archives, Cylons, and wrestling, the TV network will bring us the best thing since Mansquito.

See also: Mansquito.

Freak of the Week: Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

by Tony Nigro

I know that from the title you’re thinking, “Not more zany Japanese pop culture!”  But I swear that Jessica Oreck’s Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo isn’t like Machine Girl or Banana Street.  It’s a documentary.  Seriously.  And it’s about bugs.

But of course it’s not just about bugs.  You notice those shots of crowded Tokyo streets?  You ever rushed around crowded streets yourself?  You ever see an ant farm?  Beetle Queen is about people, too.

Freak of the Week: Birdemic

by Tony Nigro

I won’t mince words. All the hubbub surrounding Birdemic: Shock and Terror gets me down because my favorite crappy movie of late, Dangerous Men, seems to have been forgotten since mega-auteur John S. Rad passed away –not to mention because a turkey like The Room still survives with screenings and a looming billboard. But when you get right down to it, we’re only talking about bad movies here — our generation’s Plan 9s, non-ironic garbage that is nonetheless the guiltiest of such pleasures — so why should I care? Birdemic has digital birds that act more convincingly than the analog people. And supposedly there’s a message. I should lighten up.

Fortunately, the Los Angeles exhibitor of the Birdemic phenomenon happens to be Cinefamily, one of my favorite local cinemas and cohorts involved in the glorious (if brief) Dangerous Men phenomenon. Too bad tomorrow’s midnight show is sold out.

Maybe another local wonder, New Beverly Cinema, can hook up a triple feature of Birdemic, The Room, and Dangerous Men and all will be at peace.

Freak of the Week: YATTERMAN

by Tony Nigro

Men in tights.  More importantly, women in tights.  A sexy supervillainess to boot.  Takashi Miike’s wacked out superhero flick YATTERMAN features all that plus a shot of live action anime style with a 1980s TV show chaser.

Miike’s career more or less defines Freak of the Week for me, so I’m proud to include him here.  YATTERMAN premieres in Los Angeles with a one-time screening on April 10 as part of the Japan Film Festival Los Angeles.  Pre-order tickets here.

Freak of the Week: Akihabara Majokko Princess

Revel in this mathematical formula:

Takashi Murakami + Kirsten Dunst + Cosplay + “Turning Japanese” =
Guilty Pleasure + Orientalism x McG

Freak of the Week: The Super Bowl®

by Tony Nigro

I’m not a fan of football, but I am a fan of copyright infringement and film nerd humor.  This video has that and more.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via Movie City Indie