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Suave! Goddamn, you’re one suave f*cker!


Live Stream Under the See

by Lewis Manalo

Though paling in comparison to the attention a Michael Bay-brand disaster would receive, the real-life Gulf of Mexico oil spill may be doing more to change the way we see than did Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The government is not new to media projects (ever hear of the War on Terror?) but when Rep. Edward Markey demanded that British Petroleum broadcast a live stream of the oil spilling out of their blown-out well, he asked to bring environmental disasters into an entirely new visionary realm. Continue reading

Freak of the Week: Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

by Tony Nigro

I know that from the title you’re thinking, “Not more zany Japanese pop culture!”  But I swear that Jessica Oreck’s Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo isn’t like Machine Girl or Banana Street.  It’s a documentary.  Seriously.  And it’s about bugs.

But of course it’s not just about bugs.  You notice those shots of crowded Tokyo streets?  You ever rushed around crowded streets yourself?  You ever see an ant farm?  Beetle Queen is about people, too.

DVD: P-Star Rising

by Lewis Manalo

Check out P-Star in her pre-Electric Company days! P-Star Rising documents the nine-year-old’s pursuit of hip-hop fame as she rises out of hardships with a mic in her hand.

DVD: Tetro

by Lewis Manalo

Love it or hate it, Francis Ford Coppola’s late period is interesting as hell.  Now available on DVD, Tetro is a personal tale of sibling rivalry in Argetina. Black and white views of Buenos Aires and colorful dream sequences reminds you that he’s a master of mise-en-scene. The operatic melodrama reminds you that he’s Italian.

Love it. Or don’t.