Freak of the Week: Birdemic

by Tony Nigro

I won’t mince words. All the hubbub surrounding Birdemic: Shock and Terror gets me down because my favorite crappy movie of late, Dangerous Men, seems to have been forgotten since mega-auteur John S. Rad passed away –not to mention because a turkey like The Room still survives with screenings and a looming billboard. But when you get right down to it, we’re only talking about bad movies here — our generation’s Plan 9s, non-ironic garbage that is nonetheless the guiltiest of such pleasures — so why should I care? Birdemic has digital birds that act more convincingly than the analog people. And supposedly there’s a message. I should lighten up.

Fortunately, the Los Angeles exhibitor of the Birdemic phenomenon happens to be Cinefamily, one of my favorite local cinemas and cohorts involved in the glorious (if brief) Dangerous Men phenomenon. Too bad tomorrow’s midnight show is sold out.

Maybe another local wonder, New Beverly Cinema, can hook up a triple feature of Birdemic, The Room, and Dangerous Men and all will be at peace.


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