I should’ve quoted Henri Michaux

by Tony Nigro

Pardon me a self-centered moment as I point out an odd parallel between my life and a dispatch from Rotterdam over at The Auteurs.  Working as an assistant editor at night a few years ago, I became fascinated with decay of feedback created by component video signals.  I briefly wrote about it and spent hours recording video signals from different sources, creating feedback with assorted stock footage, and making a still unfinished video piece I saw as somewhat inspired by Stan Brakhage.  The video isn’t available online, but a still is (above) and the short piece I wrote is here.

Flash forward to 2010.  IFFR happens and Daniel Kasman writes about Billy Roisz’s Close Your Eyes (a Brakhage-inspired title if there ever was one).  Kasman describes Roisz’s video as inspired by Henri Michaux‘s experiments with mescaline, as “a rhythmic, patterned series of colored and black and white animated segments of pristine digital artifacting and other forms of video distortion captured, dissected, and re-framed as the kind of sensory nightmare parents in the 50s probably thought would beset their children if they sat too close to the radiation of the TV.”

That’s much better than anything I ever wrote about my video experiment.  But the still on the Auteurs post takes the cake:

I’m not calling foul or anything.  I haven’t even seen Roisz’s piece.  I’m just saying I should’ve quoted Michaux.


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