DVD: The Best of the Rest

by Tony Nigro

On this day of Academy Award nominations and the commencement of a month of movie buzz, hype, and worthless noise, I’d like to acknowledge this week’s DVD releases that you don’t care about.  These folks won’t get Oscars, or Emmys or Tonys or even Razzies.  You’d probably never think to buy or rent them, let alone take the time to watch.  But they’re all made by people and for people, without red carpets or designers or well-thought out “for your consideration” campaigns.  Just like the rest of us.

Cannibal Suburbia

Over-the-top horror and satire are alive and well in these uncertain times.  Go figure.

Kids Yoga Adventure & Yoga Family Funtime

The numbing lull of corporate video music is also alive and well.  I can’t tell if Dashama is vintage or retro.

Critterscapes: Virtual Snake Terrarium

Who needs real pets when you can watch paint dry?  File under Virtual Aquarium, Virtual Fireplace, and Virtual Sex Surrogate.


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