Zoom! Enhance!!

by Tony Nigro

I work in post production.  I am an editor.  We don’t use film anymore, only video, and mostly the digital kind.  It makes the job easier but is far less tactile.  Rather than literally cutting shots together, we push some computer buttons and stuff happens magically.  It’s abstract, and really no different from the last time you “talked” to your friend via IM.  But even with that kind of daily abstraction, I’m still not fooled by the entertainment industry’s lies about “zoom and enhance” technology.  The truth is, few cops could zoom in enough to accurately identify the drunk guy at the 7-11, let alone decipher the inscription on his belt buckle.  Sorry to ruin your day, CSI:Miami fans.

I’ll spare you the explanation about resolution and pixels.  Instead, try this test: Open a book, preferably to a picture.  Put your nose against the page and then try to focus on the page.  Video and digital photos look like that when you get too close.

A man named Duncan Robinson is no more fooled than I am.  He made an amusing montage to illustrate the ubiquity of Hollwood’s ridiculous lie.

The funniest part may be that I know editors who worked on some of those shows.


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