Area Man Mistakes Avatar for a Stimulus Plan

by Tony Nigro

Besides blue aliens and some planet named after an online radio service, what is Avatar about?  From the sound of most pre-release coverage, one might think it’s about hundreds of millions of dollars and marketing.  Take away the 3-D and CGI and it could be a hotly debated economic bailout.  Obviously there’s everything but a story going on here.

Yesterday’s All Things Considered on NPR featured a piece detailing the perils of hyping James Cameron‘s overly huge movie because it’s — hold your breath — an original concept.  How might Hollywood ever sell the drooling masses a blockbuster to that isn’t based on a book, a video game, a Disney pop star, or another movie?  Surprisingly, George Lucas was not interviewed.  Neither was anyone at Pixar.  But what would they know?

In all seriousness, the NPR story has the makings of an article for The Onion.


2 responses to “Area Man Mistakes Avatar for a Stimulus Plan

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