You think anyone gives a crap about a TV deal? You’re still the same asshole.

by Tony Nigro


When @shitmydadsays “premiered” on the Twitters, it was funny.  A mere month later, when its mastermind Justin Halpern scored a book deal, it was business as usual.  Now, with a recently inked deal with CBS, it’s a sitcom.  You know, those shows only a few people make and even fewer people watch.

I have zero interest in deep discussion about Internet “stars” being co-opted by the entertainment machine.  I think it’s great that it happens.  It’s proof that the Internet succeeds in democratizing entertainment, and it shows that the bigwigs are scared and desperate — especially in the case of @shitmydadsays.

Because really, what is there to adapt?  Does anyone in Hollywood need to purchase rights or hire Halpern to executive produce a TV show about an old man who says funny things?  Cantankerous dads are a dime a dozen in the history of sitcoms, so the only new spin would be one who quips at 140 characters or less.

Unless CBS develops it as a story about a late-twentysomething who moves back in with his parents and every week learns an important lesson about life.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

For now, what CBS has purchased, more than Halpern’s talent, is a name that equals built-in publicity and a “brand” to take home to nervous stockholders.


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