DVD: Only the Brave

by Lewis Manalo

It seems like every ethnic group, sub-group, and subset needs to have its WWII movie, and the only problem there is that some groups get lost in the mix. The WWII movies for Japanese Americans are based on the 442 Regimental Combat Team, and their story is too phenomenal to be missed. Made almost entirely of Japanese American soldiers, the 442nd is the most-highly decorated unit of the US military EVER. While their families back in the States were imprisoned in internment camps, these Nisei were spearheading the campaign through Italy. And in case it didn’t occur to you, you don’t get highly-decorate shit without losing a lot of lives.

A few of the survivng soldiers starred in the 1951 film about the 442nd, Go For Broke! ; (a film whose main character was a white officer). For you kids who get a headache from black and white movies, Only the Brave enters a wider DVD release this week. (It’s been available through the film’s website for about 2 years now.) Depicting the famous rescue of the Lost Battalion, Only the Brave stars Jason Scott Lee and Mark Dacascos – and Pat Morita, who played a veteran of the 442nd in The Karate Kid.

“Yes, Sergeant! Miyagi kill many Germans!”


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