DVD: Love, Hate, Action, Violence, and Death

by Lewis Manalo

Sam Fuller, bitch. This “Collector’s Choice” is a unique DVD set because it has more films in it that aren’t directed by Sam Fuller than are. The five un-Sam movies, on which he has a (shared) writing credit, have never been on DVD before, and only if you’re a real freak for Sam Fuller will you need them like I need them.

Crimson Kimono and Underworld USA are the two Sam Fuller pictures in the mix. You might be able to deal with Underworld USA, with its shades-wearing child-killers, but from the opening scene of a nude stripper getting shot dead on a crowded L.A. street, you won’t be able to handle Crimson Kimono.

You see, in the aftermath of World War II, the ladies got the Yellow Fever, and the Man – and you – can’t deal with it.

Click here for more info on the DVD set.


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