Freak of the Week: The Impossible Kid

“Weng Weng, Weng Weng, two-foot-nine,
Kick you in the nut sack from behind.”
from Weng Weng Rap

As ardent supporters of Filipino cinema, we’d be remiss to ignore any screening of films featuring the nation’s diminutive super spy, Weng Weng.  Part rip-off, part exploitation, and all awesome, his Agent 00 movies — For Y’ur Height Only and The Impossible Kid — are curios within curios, pure pleasure pieces for the cult audience who can appreciate an ass-kicking, lady-loving little person who can escape the top of a skyscraper by floating down with an umbrella.

The Impossible Kid screens this Saturday at Cinefamily in Los Angeles as part of Mondo Macabro Mix Night.  Somewhere on the horizon, they’ll also be showing the new documentary The Search for Weng Weng.


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