Week in Review 08.21.09

Roger Ebert

Nothing makes our day like a beef between film critics, except maybe a beef between fanboys and film critics.  Fortunately for us, Armond White recently inspired both.  The showdown over District 9, a.k.a. White v. Fanboys v. Ebert v. Rotten Tomatoes, was a saga that laid bare White’s absurdly contrary nature, the lack of critical thought in fanboys, and the ludicrous bean counting of Rotten Tomatoes.  Mr. Ebert was unfortunately caught in the crossfire with his pants down.  Below are some of our favorite links from that saga:

Just for fun, also be sure to check out What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Movies, an older piece wherein White thumbs his nose at critics who think with their, uh, thumbs.


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