Kicking Ass With the Stars

by Lewis Manalo

No, I don’t usually watch tv shows where well-known personalities (c’mon, they aren’t all celebrities, are they?) make asses of themselves eating bugs or dancing or whatever torture they put themselves through for audience attention, but they report this stuff on the news, so I find these things out despite myself.  Not only does the new Dancing With the Stars line-up include former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, but also the ass-kicking actor Mark Dacascos.

For the plebians who only know Dacascos as the Chairman of Iron Chef America, make some space in your Netflix queue for Brotherhood of the Wolf for art house action and Drive for freakin’ awesomeness.  Drive co-stars your best friends Kadeem Hardison and Brittany Murphy. (And yes, you old farts, that was him in 1994’s Double Dragon)

From Drive:


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