When Bollywood Becomes Reality

by Lewis Manalo

In case you hadn’t heard, Indian megastar Shahrukh Khan, by some counts the most popular movie star on the entire planet, was “detained” in New Jersey while trying to catch a flight to Chicago’s Indian Independence Day Parade. Ironically, Shahrukh is in the States to film My Name is Khan, which is about a little thing called racial profiling. Basically, all of India is pissed, and now the Indian government wants to have some words with our government.

I think people are overlooking the real issue here: movie plotlines need to stay on the screen, not in our airports. If the government doesn’t spend billions of dollars to stop this breach of our reality with the ontology of the cinema, before long people will actually be singing in the rain. Don’t be surprised if more movies begin to bloom into reality. Terminator 2 could actually happen. So could Titanic.


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