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Revisited: Falling Down

by Tony Nigro

I don’t have a solid memory of the first time I saw Falling Down, the 1993 Michael Douglas vehicle about American white male frustration.  I remember that the movie was still fairly new, that I watched it on a television (either via cable or videotape) and that it didn’t affect me much.   The time was the early 1990s.  Douglas was Hollywood’s Male Victim #1.  Bill Clinton was a new President, I was in high school, and not too soon before there were riots in Los Angeles.  My interest in the film probably didn’t go beyond the shoot-and-yell-at-people trend that came into vogue after Reservoir Dogs.

Fast forward to the present: I spend about half of the intervening years living in New York City.  A terrorist attack occurs.  The country’s tenor changes.  Back in a Los Angeles hell bent on urban development, and with renewed interest in the city’s elusive soul, I figure, Hey, why not watch Falling Down again?  It’s Los Angeles around the time of the riots.  That’s interesting.  Why the hell not?

Well, now I know.  Because it’s lame.

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So That’s Why He Got Fat. . .

by Lewis Manalo

This is, like, real? As in, more real than The Bachelor?

Who knew these things about Steven Seagal.

1,002 Words: Down By Law

Down By Law (1986)

Rough day.

Week in Review 08.28.09

To us, the biggest story this week by a long shot was LACMA’s announcement that its long-standing weekend film program will live on. Big ups to the big donors and to the grassroots effort that helped fuel this victory.  Of course, now all you Angelenos have to attend the series or else you’re a bunch of damn hypocrites.

‘The Shock Labyrinth’ Gets Int’l Distribution, Trailer Features Long-Haired Japanese Wraith

The only things we understand about this trailer for Takashi Shimizu‘s The Shock Labyrinth are “3D” and “Japanese girl with scary long locks.”  But it looks cool…

As reported yesterday by Horror Squad, The Shock Labyrinth has garnered international distribution.  Hopefully that and some well used 3D will resuscitate J-Horror and end Shimizu’s U.S. status as “that Grudge guy.”  That said, if the movie is anything like Marebito, we’re going to be pissed.

1,002 Words: Ikiru

Ikiru (1952)

Check, please.

LACMA Gets a Pledge, Sees the Light

by Tony Nigro


The LA Times is reporting that the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. and Time Warner Cable in association with Ovation TV have ponied up a total of $150,000 to LACMA’s film program, resulting in a declaration that the museum’s once endangered weekend screening series has been saved.

For the record, $150,000 is 15% of museum director Michael Govan’s salary.  Apparently, that’s all it took.  The battle to save the screening series may be over, but there’s still a money management war to win.

Until then, I’ll save you a seat at the Bing.