Freak of the Week: Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

Something wonderful about Internet video is how it has democratized cinema to the point where the plebes can make art (and then be criticized for it in comments sections).  Something wonderful about many American shopping malls are Lego stores.  These places have no doubt helped many a puppet animator working on a shoestring and without proper rights clearance, including the creator of this detailed music video for Wu-Tang Clan’s classic joint, “Da Mystery of Chessboxin’.”

This “freak” is a little different kind for us.  Like old school Wu-Tang, it operates outside mainstream commercial arenas, righteously wearing its creative, DIY energy like a medal of honor.  It’s that same kind of energy that begat online video communities before Brookers, LG15, and Andy Milonakis spoiled it for everyone.


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