Pushing Daisies in the Culture Industry

by Lewis Manalo

If I don’t watch a lot of TV, it’s because all the shows I like get canceled.  My wife roped me into watching Pushing Daisies, and I’m not complaining.  With it’s bright production design, verbal acrobatics, and impromptu musical numbers, this show about a baker (Lee Pace) who can raise the dead – and the murders he and his friends solve – flirted with a verfremdungseffekt (or at least epic theater’s techniques) and was something unique on the airwaves.  But of course, the ruling class controlling the culture industry had to suppress it for its uniqueness, and the show got canceled.  Perhaps season two should have featured more of the pig.

But now, you can purchase the show and watch it at home, placating your dissident taste and settling into an unrebellious docility that will never lead to a popular uprising.  Here’s one of my favorite scenes of the series, featuring Kristin Chenoweth.


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