Not Harry Potter

by Lewis Manalo

Not Harry Potter

I don’t trash talk like no muggle, but seeing all this hullabaloo about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince got me reminiscing about the movies of magic that inspired my Dungeons and Dragons fantasies before I needed shave.  So here’s a selection, in no particular order, of Five Magic Movies That Ain’t Harry Potter From Before My Balls Dropped

The Worst Witch

This one was cute, but also set a precedent for all your magic instructors being British.  Unfortunately for the Worst Witch, she felt a little awkward as a teen, and with her hormones firing, her body going through changes, growing hair in places that didn’t have air before, she tried to kill Robin Tunney in The Craft.

Teen Witch

I confess.  Other than the asymmetrical ponytails, I don’t really remember this one.  But imagine if Hermione hung out with the little lady from Poltergeist and was a teen in the 80’s.  (We she even born then?)


Before he worshipped at the altar of Viggo in Ghostbusters 2, Peter MacNicol used magic for good, laying waste to a big lizard by using his magic instructor as a bomb.  This particular film affected my own spiritual growth as it was the first film I saw with nude scenes.

Dark Crystal & Labyrinth

Despite the main characters not being magicians, you can’t talk magic movies without the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.  That’s back when puppets were the special effects, and they were awesome.  The main character in Crystal had a girl’s name, odd cheekbones, and a funny way of walking, but at least he had Bowie’s barber.

The Dark CrystalBowie


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