Freak of the Week: Taedonggang

There’s no reason why a Communist country can’t drink beer too, but this ad for the North Korean beer Taedonggang is the country’s first ever broadcast on state-run TV, qualifying it as freakish by definition.  The ad itself is a nearly three minute fantasia that starts out mesmerizing but ends up feeling like, well, beer propaganda, with selling points including reduced stress and diuretic effects.

Below is a partial translation of the commercial’s brainwashing text (via MyFox Tampa Bay):

“Pride of Pyongyang, Taedongkang (Taedong River in North Korea) Beer”
“White Rice Beer”
“Unique Flavor”
“Reminds of the Pure and Beautiful Flow of the Taedong River”
“It suits people’s taste”
“Medical Action: Gets rid of stress and has diuretic effect”
“contributes to long lives of the people”
“Our Pride, Taedongkang Beer… will make contribution to our people’s lives and it will become more familiar with our people”


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