The Ontology of My Ass, con’t.

by Lewis Manalo

My last essay on The Hurt Locker wasn’t really meant to be a review, though it certainly wasn’t meant to be an endorsement.  I do have to say that I don’t share the enthusiasm of some reviewers have for the film.  A. O. Scott of the NY Times has written:

“If The Hurt Locker is not the best action movie of the summer, I’ll blow up my car.”

And now that I’ve tried to watch the film, on my own dime, though I certainly find it a competent film (if I pretend that it takes place on another planet having no relation to our own reality), I have to say, A. O., you owe us one car explosion.

I’m not even sure you could call The Hurt Locker an action film, such little action happens. At times the drama is tense, there’s some shooting and some explosions, but that doesn’t make it an action film. I’d call it a “war drama” if I’d call it any genre, but there’s got to be more action in Sandra Bullock’s The Proposal.

So I say again, A.O., you owe us one car explosion.  You can blow up your ride out in Brooklyn if you like, you don’t even have to use fuel to make a big fireball.  Straight C-4 is fine.  Just blow up your car.



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